Scholarships Matter

Why Give?

We know Jane’s great value for money. We also know that living away from home is expensive.

Scholarships are the only way some students can enjoy College life.
We believe every University of Tasmania student should have the chance to enjoy our Jane community, regardless of their financial situation.

With your help, we can make this belief a reality.

Why Scholarships?

Scholarships transform lives. They open doors, supporting those who most need it and enriching our community.

Each year we give over $60,000 in scholarships: it is not enough. Because each year, future academics and professionals still miss out on Jane because of financial hardship.
You can change this.

Give now to either our Refugee Scholarship or our Scholarship Fund.

Where can my donation go?

Refugee Scholarship

Launched in 2017, the Refugee Scholarship campaign continues. Give now to support a refugee or a child of a refugee to live at Jane while at University.

Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship Fund bolsters our funding of students from regional Tasmania, from interstate and from overseas. With Jane fees sitting at just over $16,000 a year, the more you give the more we can offer life-changing scholarships to students.

Donate now using the GiveNow form below and we can help our residents reach their goals and become the future leaders, innovators and thinkers we know they can be.