More than an education 

As an alumna of the College, I can say that living at Jane was a great time in my life: overwhelmingly fun but also supportively academic, encouraging and enriching.

Today many of my closest friends are those I made during my years here.

More than that, many of the life and professional skills I now have emerged at Jane. I credit my College experience with teaching me how to work with people from diverse backgrounds; how to develop a persuasive argument; how to speak in public; how to be a positive member of the community; and how to lead.

Now as Principal, my goal is to give every student the same positive living and learning environment that I had.

To do that, I look to the Jane values – academic enquiry, diversity, community and collegiality, boldness and discovery. We are a community of scholars and to all those who share these values, I welcome you to Jane.

Joanna Rosewell