What is Jane Franklin Hall?

Jane Franklin Hall is an independent residential college and affiliate of the University of Tasmania. Located in South Hobart, Jane is the perfect place to live during undergraduate or postgraduate study.
Our mission is to provide a life-enhancing learning and living experience in a residential college environment for students studying at the University of Tasmania. This is achieved through an emphasis on community, academics and inclusivity.

It is through the college lifestyle that we believe students get the most out of their time at university. The years they spend studying are some of the most important and rewarding of their lives. At Jane, we work to ensure they are also the best years, ones to be remembered fondly and never forgotten.

Our vision is to produce the future leaders, innovators and thinkers of society, well-adjusted and confident individuals who value their Jane experience as central to their success in life.

This vision is made a reality through the achievements and accolades of our alumni. Their success in life contributes to the story of Jane, a story we invite you to make your mark on.

Study in Hobart, Live at Jane.