Jane Internet Frequently Asked Questions

Jane Franklin Hall is committed to providing its residents with on-line resources to help them with their study needs. WiFi is available in resident rooms and common rooms. Its primary purpose is to help you with your studies and to assist your on-line communications.

The University of Tasmania also provides Wi-Fi to residents via two hot spots in the College Library and Frances Parsons Building.

How fast is Jane Internet?

Depending on the load to the network you can expect a 25/5 Mbps connection to your room via Ethernet and WiFi anywhere in College.

What's the download limit?

Jane Internet gives you 75 gigabytes/month free included as part of your fees.

What happens when I run out of data?

You will receive several warnings via email for data usage. This will be at 50%, 70%, 80%, 90%, and 100% usage. When your data is fully used your connection will slow to 1/1 Mbps until the end of the billing period OR you add a data block.

Can I add extra data?

Yes! You can add data blocks as you need them. All data blocks must be purchased from the Jane Office during office hours. You can also pre-purchase data blocks if you wish. A scale of prices is below. Unused data is forfeited at the end of each billing period.

  • 10GB for $10
  • 20GB for $15
  • 50GB for $30
  • 100GB for $50
  • 200GB for $80

Note: Any usage generated while your connection is slowed, will be deducted from your data block.

How do I connect?

Connection is via an ethernet cable in your room. Connection to the Wi-Fi is done using your unique username and password. This is entered once per device per year.

Is Bit-Torrenting permitted on Jane Internet?

Use of Bit-Torrenting is not permitted on Jane Internet.

What about UTAS Wi-Fi?

University of Tasmania EduRoam hotspots will still work in the Frances Parsons Building and Jane Library. To access these you will need to use your University of Tasmania username and password.

I have a problem connecting?

Please checkout the Jane Internet Support page.

Do I need a router in my room?

No. Jane Internet should be all you require. Usage of a personal router to set up your own wireless access point is discouraged.

When does my data allocation reset?

Your data allocation resets at the end of each month. Unused data is not rolled over.

What about wireless printers?

To connect to Jane Internet WiFi a wireless printer will need to have 802.1X support for authentication. Residents should consider a wired network printer using the network port(s) in their room or using USB if they are unable to join the wireless network directly from the printer.

Are there any other Terms and Conditions?

Yes. Jane Internet must be used in an appropriate and legal manner as outlined in the University ICT policies and the Jane Franklin Hall ICT Services and Facility Use Policy. The downloading of illegal or pornographic material is expressly forbidden. If you are not sure about the legality of downloading material please contact us.