Jane is proud of its academic traditions, based on the Cambridge and Oxford collegiate models.

Fellows are academics or professionals, carefully selected as senior members of the Jane Franklin Hall community. Providing professional and academic leadership, as well as social, pastoral and financial contributions, Fellows act as mentors and supports to our residents.  See a list of our Fellows here

Formal meals are held once a week, bringing the whole community together to share food, news and friendship. Residents and guests wear academic dress to honour our academic heritage and purpose. 

High table is a key feature of our formal dinners. Literally a table that is placed on a podium higher in the dining hall, it is where the Principal, staff and special guests sit during formal dinners. Residents are periodically invited to join High Table.  

Senior Common Room is a recreational and meeting space for staff, Fellows, Council members and postgraduates. Undergraduates are periodically invited to functions in the room. 


At Jane we take the safety and security of our residents seriously. Our on-site residential staff are on-call after hours to respond to resident needs. They are well-trained and equipped to respond to every situation and can be found living throughout the College. Access to the College is via key, available only to members of the College community.

Academics Jane

We value the academic success of our residents. Our residents consistently achieve higher marks than average at the University of Tasmania. We also have a fully-funded, all-inclusive Academic Development Program, ensuring our residents receive extra academic support to reach their potential. 


Chaplains offer guidance on both personal and spiritual matters. Our chaplaincy team also helps to name, celebrate and pray about matters of significance, and they assist with Bible study relevant to the challenges and questions facing today's students. See a list of our Chaplains here. 


Other Jane activities include

  • Annual Play - challenging, rewarding and an experience for life - and that's just being in the audience. Imagine being part of the cast!
  • Art Show - not just for fine art students; a community activity and celebration of creativity.
  • Jane Choir - involved in various community events throughout the year.
  • College Dinners - Formal Fellows' nights, formal, Valedictory and Senior Common Room dinners - enjoyable and stylish.
  • Outdoor Pursuits - organised walks, camping trips, historical explorations, cycling on Mount Wellington and more.
  • Regular Charity Events – organised throughout the year